Yet another ‘Blog To Make Money’ blog

Are you tired of seeing the same old stories, ‘How I made £30,000 in my first year blogging’, ‘You can earn $100,000 in your first month’.  You get the gist – they all say the same – that is until you actually start reading the blogs.  You then find out that they tell you very very little.  What they do tell you is to click here and click there.  Why?  Most of you will have gathered by now that it is to make them money and certainly not you.  Each time they click they earn money which may very well go towards there $100,000 per month revenue.  You are earning it for them.Unknown

The answer to the question to how can you earn money, well that is not so readily available without a price and then you find it hard.  Just think about it.  Would they be willing to share all their secrets with you? No because it would take away their own earning capacity.

So, what is this blog all about.  I have read so many of the blogs telling me what to do and found very little that was helpful.  So, I have spent lots and lots of time researching this very topic.  I have a way to go yet but I think I have made a good start.  How, well I have found a company that list associate companies.  What are associate companies?  They are companies of all shapes and sizes that will allow you to enter a link from you website to theirs.  When this link is clicked on, you earn money.  How much and when depends on the company and you have to make your own judgement to which one you choose.  Realistically you need to concentrate on the companies that have something in common with your blog but, you could just have it as an advert on the side.  If you choose to do that then be careful.  Too many adverts cause me to turn off.  I really don’t want to see them on a page I am trying to read and I hate pop ups – they get me turning off quicker than anything.

So, what is this company?  AWIN.  Click on the link below to get hundreds of companies willing to earn you money.

It is easy to set up and easy to use.  All you need to do is choose carefully and sit back and wait.

Good luck.


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